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We can get some pretty wild weather around Canberra and Queanbeyan, and your property must be able to withstand the worst of what Mother Nature can throw at it. One of the most under rated weather hazards is storm water, the heavy runoff we get when big rainstorms hit.

Most storm water networks maintained by local authorities shunt the sudden flow through dedicated storm water drains, taking the water safely away through local pipe networks. However, storm water lines connecting your property to public systems get can get blocked by debris or overwhelmed by the flow, and your private property can suffer damage as a result.

Silva Plumbing Service's storm water expertise

That's why Silva Plumbing Service installs and enhances storm water systems for private and commercial properties. We can create an extra line of defence that will secure your property against whatever nature throws its way, rain, hail or shine.

Storm water can flood properties, causing water damage and inconvenience to home and business owners. More seriously, storm water can erode foundations and damage the structural integrity of buildings. A storm water system protects buildings from these effects by keeping water away from vital areas and draining the excess water away quickly.

Silva Plumbing Service has gained wide expertise over many years by installing storm water systems across Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas – places known for their bursts of wild weather.

Our quality guaranteed, cost efficient storm water systems will protect your property all year round and bring you peace of mind when bad weather hits.

Trust your needs to our skills

Silva Plumbing Service can put in a new sewer or storm water network at your property, renovate the existing storm water drains and pipes or even modify your current system to bring it to a higher standard of performance, or simply repair existing storm water system.

Our expert team specializes in new works, extension and alterations, so whatever your storm water system needs, Silva Plumbing Service can meet them, quickly and cost effectively. Our team has wide experience with storm water installations and repairs on everything from suburban bungalows to large-scale commercial projects – there's no job too big or too small for us.

So whether you need a brand new storm water system, or an upgrade or extension of your property's existing network, Silva Plumbing Service has the skills, experience and cost effective options to get the job done right.

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