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Do your pipes sound more like hard rock than smooth radio? There are many reasons your shuddering pipes may be making so much racket.

Knocking pipes may be caused by the poor original installation of the pipework, with loose fixings failing to hold the sections in place. Loose items within the pipes may be tumbling around, creating noise when water pressure hits them. Water hammer, also known as plumbing hammer, may occur when you shut off water and a thumping noise is heard. This could mean that valves are malfunctioning, creating waves of pressure that surge back and forth, placing strain on the pipes and your ears.

Noisy pipes can cause property damage

Noisy pipes are usually a symptom of a bigger problem that could cause severe and expensive damage to your water system.

If pipes are not securely fixed, they will be unable to handle the continued strain placed on them by water pressure. Over time, the repetitive knocking of a copper or plastic pipe against a sharp edge or foreign object like a nail or saddle may wear away a section of the water supply pipe. This increases the risk of having a burst pipe that causes water damage to your property. And malfunctioning valves could cause damage to your hot water system and its pipelines, causing rapid cessation of water flow that sends waves of high pressure back through the system.

Sorting out the problem

Noisy plumbing can sometimes be dismissed as a quirk of your property, something to be tolerated or worked around. But if left unattended, noisy pipes can lead to serious damage for your water system and your property.

By diagnosing the problem correctly and coming up with a solution, you can stop your pipes making noise and ensure your water system functions as it should, smoothly and securely.

Silva Plumbing Service’s team of experts can come to your property and diagnose the problem, usually by just listening to the noise your pipes make and observing where the sound comes from.

We also carry professional assessment and diagnosis equipment, which greatly increases our efficacy and prevents unnecessary cost by keeping invasive repairs to a minimum.

Get Silva Plumbing Service on the job

As one of the leading plumbers in Canberra, Queanbeyan and all the surrounding areas, Silva Plumbing Service can sort out any problem with your property’s noisy water system. If you have noisy pipes, give Silva Plumbing Service a call on (02) 622 322 63 or get in touch contact page, and we’ll find the solution.



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