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It's lovely to live in an old house. But, for all their charm and atmosphere, older homes can cause headaches when it comes to maintenance. Just like people, houses start to feel the effects of age as time marches on. Parts start to deteriorate and corrode, leading to roof leaking and the need for gutter repair, downpipe repair or gutter replacement. But whatever your problem, the brilliant, hardworking plumbers at Silva Plumbing Service can solve it for you - and more affordably than you might think.

What causes roof leaks and gutter damage?

Of course, natural disasters, like storms or strong winds, can lead to sudden roof leaks. But more often, it's a case of wearing out or a product of an improper install where incompatible metals are oxidizing or a joint fails. Ferrous metals, like steel, that aren't properly protected may become exposed to the air can corrode over time. Or weatherproofing that is in place, such as rubber elements, can deteriorate, allowing water into the roof cavity. Most people become aware of a roof leaking after a major downpour, but it's a good idea to keep an eye out for warning signs, like pin holes, rust bubbles and general roof leaks.

Roof leaks don't have to break the bank

Many people panic as soon as they notice a roof leak. Naturally, they get anxious about the potentially exorbitant costs of repair. But you don't have to worry. Here at Silva Plumbing Service, we can fix a leaking roof at a far more affordable price than you're expecting. We can take care of every aspect of roof trouble - whether you need us to fix a gutter, or take care of gutter replacement or downpipe repair.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are 100% committed to putting our customers first. We focus on getting our work done efficiently, effectively and in the most cost effective way possible. For you, that means there's no money wasted on unnecessary labour hours or novice mistakes caused by inexperience. Every single one of our team members is highly qualified and dedicated to achieving the best result. We're proud of their outstanding work ethic, attention to detail and commitment to fantastic customer service.


Are you wondering what to do about your roof leaks? Would you like to know how we can help to fix a leaking roof? Do you have any questions about gutter repair, downpipe repair or gutter replacement? Whatever your concern, why not give us a call today? Our welcoming team is waiting to hear from you.



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