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Oh no!

It's a cold Canberra morning, you have turned the tap or shower on and nothing but a hint of the last nights heating cycle. Oh no! - you think, I can't send everyone out into the world tomorrow smelling like a high school excursion bus!!! I need a solution now, now, now, now, now!!!


Well, we are sure you aren't so melodramatic when your hot water fails, but it is generally perceived as a stressful and worrying turn of events. Especially if you have a social task scheduled for the day ahead, are running a business or rental property or quite simply just trying to run and support a family household's schedule. Underestimated and often overlooked is the influence a hot water system may have on your routine or daily undertakings.

Well look no further, you are in the right spot to engage Canberra plumber for hot water repairs in Canberra. We can keep your routine moving forward unabated and with minimal fuss.

Silva Plumbing service is one of Canberra's leading hot water system repairs specialists and would be more than happy to attend to your hot water issue quickly, ensuring you keep on track for the day ahead.

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Located centrally in Canberra, we offer a hot water system repairs service throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan during business hours and an emergency hot water heater repairs service throughout Canberra, Queanbeyan and the broader ACT after hours. If you are after hot water repairs in Canberra or afterhours Canberra based hot water heater repairs give us a call.

Dependant on circumstance and client requirements, we attempt to minimise the overall anguish and wait for a hot water repairer in Canberra by minimising response timeframes for attendance by our Canberra hot water repairs technician. In some circumstances a Canberra emergency hot water repair call, will have a Canberra repairs response time below 30 minutes, dependant on where you are in Canberra.

With years of experience in Canberra hot water system repairs, we understand and give top priority to heated water appliance repairs in Canberra. We understand although generally overlooked, Canberra hot water is an essential service and needs to be repaired with the utmost haste.

The essential nature of this modern convenience typically only becomes noticeable when you want to undertake one of your daily routines involving heated water and there is no hint of heat from your taps or shower.

For this reason, hot water repairs throughout broader ACT are given top priority status by our Canberra Hot water repairs service agents and why Silva plumbing provides after hour repairers and a prompt emergency hot water repairs service in Canberra ACT.

Silva Plumbing's emergency hot water repairers in Canberra, are contactable at all times and would be more than happy to help (02 6223 2263). We will be happy to attend to your issue at any time of the day or night even though we might be a little dazed at 2 am. Even at such an odd time, as part of our customer service we will provide guidance on how to minimise and control the risk of damage if your circumstance requires immediate attention until we arrive if a 20-minute timeframe is not suitable to avoid catastrophe. Of course if property or life is at risk contact 000 immediately.

As part of our regular and emergency hot water repair services in Canberra, we make sure if a hot water repair is feasible to the attending Canberra hot water repairer on the first visit, a Canberra hot water system repair will be undertaken. On the odd instance it can't be, our onsite hot water system repairer will lend you a hot water system as part of our Canberra hot water repairs service until a new one is or ordered in and a replacement installed for you.

We are at your disposal when you need a hot water system repair in Canberra and a quick turnaround from your attending Canberra hot water system repairs technician the most.

Silva Plumbing service is a family owned and run Canberra hot water system repair business. As such we understand just how distressing it is for a hot water system to malfunction around peak usage periods and to know how difficult it is to find a reasonably priced Canberra plumber to undertake hot water repairs in Canberra. If you are in need of a Canberra hot water repair tradesman in the evening or if you find yourself waking up to a no hot water situation and need an emergency hot water repair on a beautiful but frosty Canberra winters day, feel free to give our Canberra hot water repair technicians a call.

Our hot water repairer in Canberra will try at the very least to keep you going in an emergency hot water situation or at the at least make sure you get through the next peak period. As a company Silva Plumbing Service makes sure our Canberra hot water repair service vehicles are stocked adequately with hot water system parts for most repairs, although we don't carry finite electronic components we increase the likelihood of our Canberra hot water heater repairers having the correct hot water parts for most situations. Generally speaking, the issues we come across with a particular model or type are quite common and repairable and we stock the necessary hot water parts.

Some exemptions to the rule apply but you will know and won't need a plumber to tell you your hot water system should be replaced.

When you engage Silva plumbing service for Canberra hot water repairs rest assured our hot water heater technicians will always attempt to repair your hot water system on the first visit. No matter what type of hot water system you may have. Generally, our hot water repairer in Canberra will have at hand enough Hot water parts Canberra to repair your water heating appliance.

The Hot water system- simple but don't attempt a repair yourself - electrical hazard!

A heated water storage appliance is a relatively simple appliance to maintain or repair. It has six major components which each work together to make your appliance safe, store a pre heated volume of water, last in a Ferro reactive environment, keep the temperature at a pre-set temperature and of course heat the water. These components are called- sacrificial anode, the thermostat, element, tank or vessel, pressure and temperature relief and greatly under-rated is the circuit breaker at the mains power supply.

The thermostat is a device with a disk engineered to bow at a pre-set temperature and disengage the power supply to the element when the disk flex temperature is achieved – this is designed to be in contact with the vessel (if you are of my generation and were fortunate to ever play with these, try to remember the dropper popper toys that were all the rage in the 90’s, but made from metal with a heat activated inversion).

The element which in essence is a thick piece of copper amalgam with a set resistance to current which enables the flow of electricity to be resisted and energy be converted and discharged to its surroundings in the form of heat.

The vessel which is just a metal welded tank engineered to contain water at pressures that are pre-determined as safe working pressures.

The pressure and temperature relief valve which prevents the tank from exceeding its safe operating pressure and blow up.

The circuit breaker at the mains supply- which in a fault condition (a short, the element forming a salt bridge, a wire contacting the body of the vessel etc) will prevent current from discharging continuously and melt stuff or discharge through a person for extended periods (it may still electrocute if there is a problem and the breaker hasn't been activated)- but this is very rare.

The sacrificial anode (also known as a Galvanic Anode), is a long metal rod made from aluminium or manganese which when in contact with your pressure vessel will “steal” oxygen from Fe2O3 (rust) causing the charged iron atoms to re deposit, or never leave the tank in an redox reaction.

Fe + H2O + O2 --> Fe2O3 (rust)

2Al+Fe2O3 --> Al2O3 +2FE

There is nothing worse than not having hot water on demand as your little ones come in muddy after a sports meet, or in the morning prior to work. Being forced to endure the joys of heading in to work wearing enough perfume to clear a board meeting is never pleasant. And yes we know how you feel moments before entering the confines of an elevator extremely conscious about one's own "scents". We are plumbers after all. Never pleasant.

Our hot water repairers in Canberra are highly experienced and have undertaken the necessary qualifications that makes sure we can legally work on your appliance. As such we will be able to give you a quick turnaround, professional and legal repairs even if it is a hot water emergency or an afterhours Canberra hot water repair.

Please call (02) 6223 2263 to engage one of our hot water repairers in Canberra. A Canberra Hot water repairer is available after hours 24 hour a day 7 days a week.

Silva Plumbing Service is a proud supporter of First Responder Media (our local police and fire responding services).

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Written by a Canberra hot water repairer, repairing hot water systems in Canberra.


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