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Hot water on demand – it’s one of life’s great pleasures.

If you’ve got a modern gas hot water system, a steaming shower or a relaxing bath is something you can almost take for granted… until something goes wrong with the system. It can be something as simple as the pilot light going out, or as complicated as a burst pipe or malfunctioning valve. Losing hot water can be inconvenient for you at the least, and expensive at the most.

So to help you keep the hot water on, Silva Plumbing Service offers comprehensive servicing, repairs and new installations to gas hot water systems in Canberra and Queanbeyan, to stop problems developing and deal quickly and cost effectively with the ones that do.

Gas hot water system servicing in Canberra

At Silva Plumbing Service, we believe the most common problems with gas hot water systems can be prevented before they develop into something serious with regular servicing by our expert technicians.

We are the go to service for gas hot water in Canberra and Queanbeyan, plumbers trusted by customers in the city and its surrounding areas to keep their gas hot water systems in good working condition or to re boot the hot water from a flat line. Our expert gas-fitter plumbers can come to your home and give your gas hot water system a full checkup, spotting any potential faults, replacing worn parts, and making sure the hot water stays on.

A regular service can save you money in the long run by helping avoid repair bills, and bring you peace of mind, knowing the system is working as it should.

Gas hot water Repairs and installations

If something does go wrong with your gas hot water system, Silva Plumbing Service has the skills to make all necessary repairs to any make and model, with quality guaranteed work at a cost effective price.

Our plumbers provide quick and efficient gas hot water repair in Canberra, and always make the fullest effort to repair any system, working closely with our customers to find the best solution. However, if the gas hot water system proves to be beyond repair, we also offer a full range of new models from the best brands.

As a leading provider of gas hot water installation in Canberra, Silva can take care of all installation work, quickly and professionally replacing your legacy unit with a new model.

Quality workmanship for fair prices

Silva Plumbing Service can arrange a regular servicing for your gas hot water system that suits your timetable. And if it’s repairs or a new installation that you need, we can take care of everything and get the hot water back on in no time.

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