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Has your irrigation system suddenly stopped working? Does your pool pump seem to be under-performing? If you're having trouble with any aspect of your water supply, we can diagnose problems, make repairs and provide replacement equipment. We're available in both emergencies and by appointment.

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Irrigation systems and pool pumps can break down for a wide variety of reasons. For example, your system might not have been set up for optimum performance. Or a sudden onslaught of harsh, unpredictable weather might inflict damage. And then there are the straight-forward effects of time. Even high-quality equipment doesn't last forever - over years and years, parts deteriorate and corrosion occurs, leading to breakdown and malfunction.

So it's really important to make sure your water supply components are serviced regularly. This includes everything from your rain water irrigation system to water tanks. Silva Plumbing’s expert team can provide you with thorough servicing, making sure that worn-out parts, including solenoid valves, are replaced before they cause serious trouble.

What's more, we can also develop and extend existing pool pump and rainwater irrigation systems. As time passes, your needs change. A bigger family or a desire to reduce water bills might mean that you want to add water tanks to your property. Or if you decide to create a bigger garden, you might need to extend your rainwater irrigation system.

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When you call on the help of Silva Plumbing Service, you can enjoy peace of mind. We're proud to say that we've developed a reputation for delivering some of the best plumbing services in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds. And that's because we do everything we can to do an outstanding job - every single time. Each and every member of our team is employed for their skills, excellent qualifications, dedication and attention to detail. We'll provide you with plumbers who turn up on time, assess your situation accurately, get the task done quickly and charge you fair, affordable rates. There won't be any unwanted surprises.


Do you need advice about rain water irrigation, water tanks, pressure lines or pools? Do you have a problem that needs diagnosing? Would you like to know more about the service available at Silva Plumbing Service?

Whether your question is small or large, we invite you to get in touch with us whenever you're ready. Our friendly, experienced team is on stand-by, ready to assist you.



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