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When you buy a second hand car, it pays to get a mechanic to look it over to avoid getting stuck with a lemon.

The same logic should apply to checking the plumbing system of any property you may purchase – it pays to get it looked at by an expert before you sign on the dotted line.

The worst case scenario is that the home you’ve just bought turns out to have plumbing issues, like irreparable drain damage in an awkward or inaccessible location. This could end up costing tens of thousands of extra dollars to sort out.

Get an independent plumbing report

At Silva Plumbing Service we’ve noticed a trend in the Canberra area, where homes with undetected plumbing problems have been changing hands without being addressed – causing extra expense and stress for the new owners.

Ongoing drain maintenance is a common theme for properties around Canberra, but it’s often overlooked as a point to consider. That’s why we’re now offering comprehensive independent drain and plumbing reports in Canberra, where our highly qualified staff go over your property brick by brick, pipe by pipe and drain by drain and tell you exactly what condition the plumbing system is in.

Everything they find will be written up in a detailed, independent report that you can refer to with peace of mind.

This knowledge could save you from buying an undesirable property, or give you an advantage during any price negotiations. We are able to report on any areas of concern with the plumbing, using cameras to scour every inch of the system for problems.

Which properties need plumbing reports?

As a rule, we’d suggest that every property you are thinking of buying should have an independent drain and plumbing report conducted for it.

We think a plumbing report is a must on older homes, particularly those surrounded by trees, whose roots may affect the plumbing, or positioned on heavily sloping blocks which may have issues with subsidence.

Pest and building reports in Canberra

In addition to independent drain and plumbing reports, Silva Plumbing Service also offers pest and building reports through our business network of qualified building inspectors in the Canberra region, as well as Queanbeyan and its surrounding areas.

Our building reports go to guys look at the structural integrity and condition of the property. Many homeowners ask for pest reports in Canberra, so our experts also look for any infestations the property might have, such as rodents.

Bring in the experts

Independent plumbing, building and pest reports are great insurance against buying a lemon. So unless you are the lucky owner of X-ray goggles, or an uncanny belief in good luck, don’t get caught out have one of our experienced technicians prepare a plumbing report for you, before you buy.

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