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At first, the idea of installing a new tap in a different location might seem appealing. After all, don't you simply want to move your water supply closer to where your garden is? Isn't it just as easy as that? Well, not exactly.

Deciding where to put a new tap might sound like an easy decision. But, unfortunately, it's not as simple as it seems. And a bad choice can lead to an awful lot of hassle, mess and un-necessary expense if you later find there was already water in the general area.

So, before you add a new tap or extend a water line, it's important to get an expert's opinion. There are all kinds of factors to take into consideration, some of which you might not be aware of. But the good news is our friendly, experienced plumbers here at Silva Plumbing Service can give you helpful, affordable advice. By ensuring you make the right decision in the first place, they can help you save on the expense of your project.

Why do you need a new tap or water line?

When houses are first built, taps are often installed on an arbitrary basis. However, as the house evolves - due to additional gardens, landscaping or new owners - there is often a need to add a new tap or water line. In some cases, tap repair or replacement might be necessary because the tap's awkward location has led to a lot of yanking and misuse. So, rather than continuing with this, it's better to choose a new spot.

How can Silva Plumbing Service help you?

Here at Silva Plumbing Service, our priority is to save our customers money by taking less time to do a job with tech aids if warranted. We deliver quick results and outstanding services in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the surrounding areas. Over and over again, we've seen how poor placement of taps can lead to long-term trouble and expense. So we help our clients to come up with effective information based solutions.

Whether you need tap repair or want us to install a garden tap, we can visit your property and analyse what would work best for you. Armed with cutting-edge equipment, we can work out where your water lines are and where your best underground draw-off points are located. There's no need for any second guessing or inaccurate diagnosis.


Would you like to know more about Silva Plumbing Service? Whether you have a definite plan in mind for a new tap or you need some helpful advice, please call or email us at a time convenient for you.



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